Acrylic Tray Golden Delicious Inserts | Set of 10

$12.00 $22.00

Acrylic trays are all the rage and are definitely on trend. Why should you settle for one design when you can have TEN designs and change them out on a whim?

The TAYLOR GRAY acrylic tray is an extra-large 11x17 tray that perfectly fit our 11x17 insert designs. The patent pending pocket on the bottom of the tray allows the inserts to be easily interchanged and protected. The acrylic is also food safe.

I am a sucker for a great neutral and this set speaks to my heart. I love the soft neutral tones with some metallic touches. This set is great for those who are not ready to embrace huge pops of color, but still love the fun and functionality of a tray.

This listing is for the inserts only. No tray will be included.

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