Charcuterie Wine Chips


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Our Private Reserve charcuterie flavors include Billionaire's Bacon, Dry-Aged Ribeye, Horseradish Prime Rib, and Spicy Calabrese. All have meaty, delicious flavor notes packed into a completely vegetarian snack.

Billionaire's Bacon adds a sweet tanginess, Dry-Aged Ribeye offers delicious peppery / garlicky notes, Spicy Calabrese has the kind of aged meaty goodness that you'd swear came straight off the charcuterie board, and Horseradish Prime Rib will make you feel like you’re sitting at Buckingham Palace, eating a rare cut of delicious beef, seasoned to perfection.

All of our meaty/charcuterie flavors pair nicely with rich reds, but our Master Sommeliers' optimal pairings include: * For the Dry-Aged Ribeye - Cabernet Sauvignon, IPAs, darker beers * Spicy Calabrese - Zinfandel * Billionaire’s Bacon - Pinot Noir, or even a nice Port or dessert wine. * Horseradish Prime Rib - Malbec or Syrah