Founder's Favorite Latte Kit


Have you ever wondered what Teaspressa's founder loves to drink? This is it! Make the Founder's Favorite drink with our LUXE sugar cubes that instantly flavor your favorite coffee or tea instantly, just add the cube! Once you've made the perfect drink, now you can enjoy the perfect presentation with our edible Rose Petals. Each cube is handcrafted and naturally infused using all-natural ingredients with less than 16 calories. From our founder to your cup, cheers and cest la tea! 18 servings


  • ROSE PETALS: Rose petals. ROSE: Cane sugar, rose oil, natural beet dye & rose petals. VANILLA: cane sugar & organic madagascar vanilla bean caviar
  • Step 1: saturate cube with a few drops of hot water Step 2: muddle cube until cube becomes syrup Step 3: Add coffee/tea *to make a cocktail add shot of spirits Step 4: Garnish with petals
  • Made in US
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