Mary and Jay met at a Christmas party in 2021 in Charlotte, NC. Jay is from Charlotte, and Mary had just moved to town a few months prior to start graduate school. They bumped into each other at the front door and later had a delightful conversation standing by the fire pit. Jay struck Mary as different-- gentle and thoughtful. Jay thought Mary was striking-- unique and beautiful. They parted ways without exchanging numbers, so for the next couple of months, Jay looked around for Mary everywhere he went hoping he would bump into her. Mary wanted to see him again too, but she wondered if he even remembered who she was. All of the sudden, they had each others numbers thanks to a mutual friend, but Mary beat him to the punch. Their first date was at a small, local, craft brewery. After that, they fell in love quickly + wholeheartedly. They have travelled together, spent time with one another's friends and families, and have loved ordinary life in Charlotte. They share a love of Christ and cherish His nearness. They see His grace and beauty in all things, including their relationship. God's faithfulness is woven through the fabric of their stories, and they can't wait to watch it continue to unfold as they join their lives together in holy matrimony.

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