Gibby and Allison met on an airplane. It was three years ago, when they were both flying home for Christmas from Bakersfield. Allison was going to Phoenix and Gibby to Houston. The Bakersfield airport is small, so he had a layover in Phoenix. Allison got on the plane early and had an empty seat next to her. Just before the doors closed, Gibby got on and sat down next to her... the plane had assigned seats. They both took their headphones off and chatted the entire hour and a half plane ride. When they landed in Phoenix, Gibby asked Allison for her number. They texted all break and ended up meeting again once back in Bakersfield... and the rest is history!


Allison and Gibby had both their parents, Allison's brother and aunt in town to celebrate her 26th birthday! The entire weekend was filled with activities, but Tuesday was going to be a beach day. Gibby had to work that day, so Allison assumed he was gone for the day and wouldn't meet up with the group until dinner. In the mean time, everyone else went to the beach to take family pictures. When Allison and the family showed up, Gibby was standing on the beach next to a picnic. Allison walked over and that’s where he asked with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries! It was so special to have both families there to enjoy this forever moment with!

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