February 3rd, 2023

From meeting in second grade, “checking yes” in 5th grade, middle school dances, high school homecomings, proms, all their sports, college (together at UF and long distance while Ashlyn completed her nursing degree at Emory), and now living in D.C. as adults, Matt and Ashlyn have known each other over 15 years! They are best friends and partners, and have been together through the best and most challenging moments.

Matt finally popped the question at a beautiful vineyard in Montecarlo, Italy called fattoria di Montechiari. After the owner gave them a tour of the vineyard, they enjoyed a wine tasting and charcuterie. As the lunch came to a close, Matt's aunt and mom insisted that they get one more family photo. As the family stood on the patio, Ashlyn wondered why they were not standing on the side that allowed the beautiful mountain view to be in the background of the photo. Eventually someone told Ashlyn to turn around, and there Matt was on one knee! Ashlyn was so surprised, and of course, over the moon excited to say "YES!" to her middle school sweetheart. She found out later that this was a spontaneous ask, planned by Matt while they were at the vineyard, which made it all the more romantic. 

Ashlyn and Matt are so excited to be officially together forever on February 3rd, 2023. The wedding will take place in central Florida, where their love story all began. 

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